Bloggers Need To Know These Things That Your Blog Has Many Readers

If you have a blog and want to earn money from your personal blog, then it’s time you do SEO optimization for your personal blog so that your blog visitors can reach millions. You can also earn money from ads, endorse and much more. Seattle search optimization agency is probably what you need right now. The SEO Agent can help you increase the number of readers on your personal blog. You definitely want your blog to be at the top of the Google search engine, right? If so, you need SEO optimization that will be done by the agency. Because, although your writing is good, without using SEO techniques then the website will not be seen by many people.

Here are some SEO tips you need to know:

1. Use Keywords. Keywords are the most important thing on a website. keywords can also make the SEO that you use to work optimally. You have to create an interesting keyword, so if anyone searches for that keyword, your blog will be the first to open.

2. Use the Name and Caption in the Images You Give. By doing this, then the SEO you use will be faster up. Search engines can not read the name of your photo, if the name is an irregular arrangement of letters. So, do not forget to provide captions on the relevant images that match the contents of your blog.

3. Interesting Content. The content you provide must be good and interesting. Better if the content you create is what people often look for. When readers love the content you create, they will share that content on their social media, and your content will be more visible to people.

4. Share Your Own Blog on Social Media Accounts. Google will make social media a reference to whether a site is trusted or not. So, you need to give your blog link in every social media you have. This method also helps many readers find your blog.