How To Choose A Proper Panel Surya for Your Home?

There are many brands and capacities of solar panels, but there are some considerations we can make before deciding to buy them. There are numbers of factors that must be considered when choosing solar panels to install at home. This is because solar panels are still not cheap, although the price of solar panels decreased every year. And the different physical and non-physical characteristics of the solar panel manufacturer’s products will give different results to the quality of the generating system you install. Well if you have an intention to put the solar panel at your home, I recommended energies as your solar panel. You can go directly to the website at for any further information about 5kw solar system Melbourne. Therefore, here are some ways to choose the right solar panel for you!

– Buy capacity from panel according to requirement / according to calculation
– For areas that tend to often cloudy, choose the type of polycrystalline, while the areas tend to be often bright, choose the type of monocrystalline.
– Consider the location where the solar panel is installed, if difficult to reach, either because it is too high or hard to lift, choose a smaller solar capacity because it is easier to lift. But there will be more panels to be installed as well as more expensive costs, to get the same peak wattage capacity. The price of 200-watt peak solar panels is cheaper for one sheet than a 100-watt peak solar panels two sheets.
– Consider input from other colleagues who have used a particular brand of solar panel, of course, they have had a bad experience in using a particular brand
– Select the type of panel that has the PID (potential induced degradation) free specification, which is written on the label.
– Find solar panels that have more and more bypass diodes. The more bypass diode, the more efficient, because if there is part of the solar panel blocked something, then the solar panels (one or several of the solar cell), will be bypassed so that other solar cells can still work, not disturbed because there are solar cells are blocked to get sunlight or solar cells that tiba2 less functioning. The average bypass diode is about 4 for 200Wp and 2 for 100Wp.
– Compare between different solar panels with different brands, but with the same type, suppose we choose mono-crystalline, with 200Wp, and then compare all those brands