Replace Your Cell Phone Battery If The Following Signs is Visible

As smartphone users, of course, the battery has become an important component in the survival of the smartphone itself. As a smartphone resource, batteries have been present in various types, such as Li-Ion and Li-Polymers. However, sometimes we forget or do not know how to care for the correct battery. For those of you who need a tool to recharge the phone battery, you can visit our website and get cell phone charging lockers.

Many people ignore how to care for cell phone batteries properly, thus making their batteries damaged. If the battery experiences any of the following symptoms, do not delay anymore to replace it.

– Battery Feels Hot
Smartphones that are running many apps and feel hot when held are reasonable. But what if there is no application running but still hot? Of course, there is a problem on the power, especially the battery, you should check the condition of your battery.

– New Charge, But Battery Quickly Out
If this happens, a lot of things need to be checked, starting from the use of resources, ie any application that is still running in the background, etc. But if the battery decline takes place simultaneously (continuously), then there could be something wrong with your battery.

– The battery looks ‘fat’ or bubbles
This is the most common factor found. If you find the battery in this condition, it is certain that you must replace the battery immediately, because, with the “fat” battery, power storage media is not working optimally anymore. Usually this happens because the charge more than the specified duration, the frequency of this happens when charging from night until morning. However, this applies only to old battery types only. Indeed, the smartphone battery is a component that is not too vulnerable and can be considered quite strong, but it all back to us as users, what can wisely treat the battery until durable or not.