Advantages of VSAT

Along with the development of the times, the Internet needs are increasing. The need for internet is not only for the urban community but the villagers also need internet as a communication tool. Therefore, with the presence of satellite internet or commonly called as internet desa, people in remote areas can feel the impact of the internet for everyday life. Therefore, here are some advantages provided by VSAT or satellite internet!

1. Reach is very wide. Although the user is in the middle of a forest or on a mountain, provided that the VSAT antenna is not blocked by trees or other objects, the signal transmission will be smooth. Even if you’re in the desert again, you can use satellite internet or phone calls. This is because a satellite in geostationary satellite orbit can cover approximately 33% of the earth’s surface, and this satellite can provide connectivity anywhere within the scope. This range of coverage also opens opportunities for small business businesses in the region.

2. It can be used while moving, meaning there are types of VSAT that do not have to be stationary in one place and can be mobile. This is also a VSAT advantage that is highly utilized by TV stations. Because the VSAT range is really wide, the VSAT TV station over the car let it broadcast everywhere. In addition, they can also surf the fitting again there are places that are not covered by GSM or cable operators. This VSAT mobility can also be utilized for ships or aircraft. Mobile VSAT antennas like these can usually move around with satellite positions.