Keeping your iPhone battery usage low

There are many things that can make the iPhone wasteful battery, one of which is to activate the wireless network and often you download the application through your iPhone. A hardware cannot be denied the limited durability. So it is on your iPhone smartphone. Battery life is the most important thing for any electronic product. In the meantime, you can also go to the iPhone 6s plus battery replacement service, if your iPhone battery has been too damaged to be used for any longer.

There are some simple tips and tricks that can keep your iPhone battery durable and long lasting.

Do not let the iPhone use its wrapper during charging. Because the wrapping can make the phone too hot.

Use Auto-Brightness feature or automatic lighting. By turning on this feature your iPhone automatically adjusts the light according to the surrounding conditions. This can save battery life when your surroundings are bright.

Turn off Wi-Fi. Turning off Wi-Fi can also affect battery performance, because if you turn on Wi-Fi then the iPhone will automatically continue to catch and search for signals. This is what will eventually cause the battery runs out quickly.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. This Bluetooth feature is available under Settings >> General.

Turn off the GPS service feature. This feature is usually only needed on the go, so it’s good if you turn it off when not in use.

Use Auto-Lock, because this little thing will save more battery. If you do not enable this feature then your iPhone will be in the Standby condition and consuming battery.

Get used to updating your iPhone with the latest software. Usually on the new software will include a number of battery saver features that you can use.