Which One Do You Choose? Binocular or Monocular

Binoculars are tools that you can rely on when you want to see objects that are located very far away. Regarding the type, binoculars consist of 2 parts, some are binoculars or have 2 twin lenses and some are monocular or have only one lens. To find the right binoculars, the first thing you should do is, determine the power of the binoculars themselves, such as 6×24, 7×50, 8×42, 10×42 to 12×36. Both numbers indicate enlargement and indicate the diameter of the objective lens. You can find out the best binoculars for hunting by visiting our website.

– Magnification
To determine the magnification value can be seen from the value that is in the front. For example, 6×24 means, the enlargement value is 6x. This number itself indicates about the magnification of the image seen through binoculars. FYI, the assumption that choosing the first bigger number will be profitable, actually less precise. Because however, the selection of enlargement must see the target and the field that will be used, not just the spread of field of view only.

– Lens Size
After the enlargement value, do not forget to specify the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters (mm). This value is seen from the numbers behimd. For example, 6×24, then read, lens enlargement reaches 6x with lens diameter reaches 24mm. Typically, binoculars with 24mm lenses are more widely used by private users. The size itself is smaller, can even fit in a pants pocket. The larger the size of the lens, the greater the field of view that you can get from the lens itself.

– Adjust to the needs
After determining the required magnification and lens size, it is time to determine which binoculars will be used. Usually, for personal purposes, you only need a lens with a value of 6×24 and 7×50 only. While the value is higher, usually used by the military or other organizations.

Keep in mind, consider also the use of materials and the total weight of binoculars themselves. Indeed binoculars with good quality will cost much more than ordinary binoculars, but at least you’ve prevented waste because of buying binoculars that do not fit the initial needs.