Easy Ways to Attract Audience Attention during Presentation

Have you ever had to start a presentation in front of an audience that is still busy chatting, playing a smartphone or moving around looking for a seat that he likes? The situation is indeed very unpleasant and can reduce the spirit to present the presentation.

How to deal with such circumstances? The key is to be patient, understand that the audience has different thoughts and views, including the level of interest with the presentation material you are conveying. Well, to facilitate all that, it would be better if you first learn to a professional keynote speaker on YouTube. In addition, you can also use one or more ways below to make your audience aware of their activities and start paying attention to your presentation!

1. Present Data Stats or Surprising Facts
Showing surprising data such as “1 out of 7 women ever cheated” or “50 more years the earth will drown” will make the eyes of the audience will be wide-eyed. Next, they will pay attention to the presentation and hope you will explain the fact or data.

2. Use the coolest pearl words
Serve the words of the pearls that can arouse the hearts and emotions of the audience. Of course, make sure that the pearl words are related to your presentation material.

Show Stunning Photos
A picture with thousands of words, it seems cliché or strange indeed, but that’s the way it is. Try to find and select some photos that if you can draw views of the audience. The photo can be funny, sad or emotional. If you select the right photo, your audience will stop playing its smartphone and start glued to the screen.

4. Take advantage of Objects or Equipment
Try to pick up a replica of the “Thor” hammer or the “Star Wars” light saber sword in front of the audience, guaranteed, the eyes of the audience will turn to you. They can be smiling, laughing or even shaking his head. But at least, they’ve started paying attention to you and the presentation can begin effectively.

5. Play Exciting Short Videos
A lot of interesting short videos on sites like YouTube, ranging from little kids dancing to the salvage drama of a cat in a tree. Just try to play those videos on the screen, in a short time the attention of the audience will be addressed to him. This will be great if you can search for videos related to the content of your presentation material.

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