The Coolest Idea of Flyer Event Design!

How would you feel if you held an event but who attended or participated not much? Of course you will feel disappointed, is not it? In addition to the facilities provided such as food, to attract many participants of the event then you should consider also a flyer for your event promotion media. If talking about catering, then surely you can easily find it in stand hostesi. But, what about the flyer? Flyer that you share of course must have a good design, because if it is not useless, readers will not be interested. Here are some examples of the coolest flyer event design as inspiration for you!

1. The first concept offered in a flyer is karaoke and ice cream. The event flyer design should be made as attractive as possible by candy colors to be attractive and can combine both concepts. It is simple but able to suck the attention of readers.

2. Easter egg hunts are indeed the anticipated event at Easter. For more participants to join this event, you should spread the flyer. The selection of colors and the presentation of an interesting image should be able to be displayed by your flyer.

3. Spring is synonymous with insects called butterflies, so the flyer design is at number three is very in accordance with the concept of spring itself. In addition, the main event is dinner. Adding a fork in the center becomes clear information for the reader.

4. Generally in a jungle of life various animals. The flyer design should match the theme of the event, i.e. origami, and the atmosphere of the event, i.e. the atmosphere of the forest.

5. The design of the trees on the flyer then definitely the show associated with nature. Images should be able to tell the event in outline, and the text completes the information so that it becomes completely clear.

6. There is also a flyer design with several musical instruments that converge into one. Yes, the event is indeed a musical gathering.

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